Firework Shows and Events

Fireworks shows!

If you want excitement at your event - birthday, party, annivesary or whatever - get us to put on a fireworks display. We'll create a show for you, tailored to your price range. Then we'll come out set up and shoot the show and even help with the cleanup.

Indoor shows!

Want something really different? What about an indoor show?

Picking Only the Best!

Is there an art to designing a fireworks show? We think so. And we try to bring all of our skill to every show we shoot, providing the best value. We've been shooting fireworks for years and we pick the best fireworks available in Canada for your show. And we put them together so that everything fits together.

Certified Pyrotechnitians!

Our detailed show plan and show director will make sure that your show is paced for maximum effect. We bring all of the tools to make the show work, including special racks to hold some fireworks, flares or high-end propane trigger torches for lighting and all the safety equipment required. Uncle John (or his staff) will show up clean and sober so you don't have to be. Sometimes you are tired or have had a couple of drinks and that's the last time you should be shooting off fireworks.

Detailed Information

  1. Our shows start at $1500. Contact us regarding the date you're thinking about. Sometimes we have a shooter who will do a smaller show. We're almost always the least expensive fireworks show company available because we get a really good deal on fireworks and we pass that on to you.

  2. We may have to charge mileage for shows that are located further than 100 km from Edmonton.

  3. We need a letter giving us permission to shoot fireworks on the property. If the property is owned by an organization the letter has to be on letter head.

  4. We cleanup the large debris but there will be small debris the next day that you will have to clean up.

  5. If the show is cancelled because of a fire ban or high winds or because we deem that the situation is unsafe and you are or your group is not the cause of the unsafe situation we will refund your money or reschedule your show.

  6. If you need to cancel the show please give us as much notice as possible. We have expenses even if we don't shoot your show and we can reduce these if you cancel early.